Born in Sydney (nee Schriek), at a young age I moved to The Netherlands, carrying with me memories of light, bush and space. From 1979 till 1984 I studied at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam and was awarded the Willem FC Uriot Prize.

Drawn to sculpture and the movement of form in space, I instead decided to be a painter for its use of light and colour and developed a new technique for the tempera underpainting, replacing the building up of light in tonal layers as practised by old masters. Having absorbed European culture and its living history, I returned to Australia in search of something new in content.

My paintings now tell stories about the human landscape, sculpting in colour the space we share  in our mind and heart.

© Linda Sugden 2010 - 2015
first it's a desire to draw the world surrounding you
then to draw from it
to find an understanding of place and space
and how emotion links it all together
oil on paper  45 x 60 cm